Ain’t nothing to it, crafting made me do it (again)

I’m back! First off, let me just make a public apology to my dear parents, whom I have caused great grief the past few days every time I walk in their door with a bag from Michaels. I have turned their beautiful home into a crafting vomit pile:
Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 78
Today’s craft? Magnets for my cute magnet board I made. Remember?
Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 82
I got some black and gold paint, paintbrushes, wooden B’s, magnets, and little wooden circles:Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 90

Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 78
I played around with some loose glitter as well as cutting out some glitter card stock. I made a bunch of magnets:
Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 92 My mom even humored me:
Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 80 I am thinking of making this into a vision board, of sorts:Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 95 Now, if someone could just come over and help me hang it, we’d be good to go.

p.s. Merry Christmas:
Magnets Nov. 18, 2014 86


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