Ain’t nothing to it, crafting made me do it

Why buy something when you can make it yourself instead? That’s a familiar idea I am sure many crafters have had before – not me…until I moved into my new house and realized how much $$$$ I would spend buying all the things I wanted. i.e. basically everything from here. One Monday mid-morning (the day we had off after the Champions tour) I dragged my mom to Ikea to do some shopping. Whilst there, I found the fabric section and was inspired to remake these cute pinboards – after winding through the store, I came up with the below. . .and without further ado, I give you the How to Make Your Own Super Cute Beetlejuice/Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Magnet Board:

First, you will need to go to Ikea and purchase one magnet board and approximately 1 yard of fabric (it will give you some leftovers.)

Cut the fabric a little wider than the sides and a little longer the ends:Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201435
Get your hot glue gun ready and put the glue all the way down the back and hold pressure:
Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201431

Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201437
Repeat on both sides and the ends. You can cut the corners to make the ends glue down better.
Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201433
Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201449

Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201451

Pro tip: for best results, make this magnet board with a cute mom and cute nails.
Ikea Magnet Board Nov. 11, 201454


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