Birthday weekend!

Enjoying the last few days of my 24th year. It’s Friday and this is the best combo in the entire world:It's Friday! March 13, 205 928
After work, I went made my way down the shops in Bountiful. Starting out at Barnes & Noble. I mean, this is how my romances are, so yeah, totally realistic:It's Friday! March 13, 205 931 Then I popped in to the Dollar Store, but they rearranged it (it’s been the same layout my entire life) and before I could buy a bunch of bunny themed sun glasses for easter I had to get out of there because I hate CHANGE. After trying on a bunch of Jessica Simpson purses at TJ Maxxxx I got a chicky + lettuce + pico + guac + cilantro salad from Cafe Rio with a tortilla on the side. DELISH. I then took some cough medicine and feel asleep at 10:30. I actually think I am turning 125 on sunday.


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