Fings I am into right now.

1. Vanilla snowflake candle from Bath and Body Works. I currently have a wallflower plugin with it AND a candle to spruce things up a bit. It smells amazing – a very subtle, but warm scent. Sometimes their scents feel like they’re going to burn a whole through my nose – but not this one. OH, OH! I know. It almost smells like what a white tootsie roll would smell like as a candle.

2. All the Feels playlist on Spotify. Rwar. Rarrrr. Rrrr.

3. Peppermint face mask. Been slathering this on me face and taking a dip in my tub. When J and I lived together, she’d always have a fun product from LUSH. I went in there for the first time last weekend. LOVED IT. If you go, I recommend the minty mask and also one of these, while the season allows it. Smells delightful.


4. My gaggle of holiday socks from Target.


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