Okay, so for the last couple of weeks, every time I have driven to work I have wanted to take a picture of this billboard:
really I have almost gotten in a fender bender, THRICE, trying to snap a picture of this bad boy. When you drive past, you see the billboard on top, a public service announcement for a teen-pregnancy hotline, flailing in the wind, as half of it had fallen off. Sad, I thought, that the PSA was falling off. But after discovering what PSA was underneath the torn and tattered 1-800-impreg has provided me with a morning chuckle for the past few weeks.

Naive old me thought it was just a MERE coincidence that the ad under the teen pregnancy hotline was and ad for underage drinking.
really pt 2
Well, I recently discovered this was all just a big scare tactic and have seen multiple billboard of the same idea around town.


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