Miracle Challenge Update – over $100 raised

So, I am challenging you, YES, YOU, to match my $27 donation to my Miracle Challenge fundraising page.

Help me raise funds to support kids like Jessica. When I first heard Jessica’s story, it brought up a lot of memories for me. When I was a kid, anytime I would go to Albertsons with my mom, I would ALWAYS get my blood pressure checked. Even when I was a young kid – I don’t know why, but I loved visiting the little booth and getting things checked out.

With Jessica in NYC for the Pixels movie premiere.

With Jessica in NYC for the Pixels movie premiere.

Jessica got tested in a more advanced version at Walmart and noticed during the vision test that her right eye had lessened vision. That led to her getting tested and later diagnosed with brain cancer.

Please take 3.16 minutes to watch Jessica’s amazing story:

When you donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, you are helping support kids like Jessica and the top-notch, lifesaving care they need and deserve.

Donate here: http://t.co/8UMYLS03Qx

Ps I went to barre yesterday and am SO SORE. I am going to go tomorrow-Sunday to get those five classes in this week. If not, I will donate $27 for any of the five classes I miss.

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