My desk.

I have been busy tracing over images in my silhouette software designing and printing prints for my desk! Look how cute:
My desk, Jan. 2015
It’s coming together famously. I just need to add some pops of color.
1. Pineapple printed in gold and black
2. Ranunculus (my favorite flower!) printed in gold and black
3. Panache (my favorite word) meaning flamboyant confidence of style or manner
4. Cute printable 2015 calendar I downloaded
5. My ADORABLE cross stitch my coworker gave me for secret santa
6. Postcard of the Flatiron building – purchased from the Met
7. Love printable in black
8. Don’t be such a square print in gold and black with a gold spray painted mat
9. Get it girl background with poppies (my favorite illustration of poppies!)
10. The top of my quite tall succulent plant

Want any of the above? Email me and I will mail you one!


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