Got into New York late last night – I came out of the stairs from Penn Station and ALMOST MELTED ON THE SPOT. It’s so damn hot and humid here. UGH. I caught a cab and headed over to Mash’s house. This weekend I hope to haunt my old work space, visit some delish restaurants and see some art!

Today, M&I went to the Neue Galerie to see the Woman in Gold…and I snuck some photos before getting screamed at. I think we were the youngest people there.

NY, NY June 12, 2015 594 NY, NY June 12, 2015 599After our art tour, we went on a quest to find a piece of peach pie. Because after the peach pie I ate in Atlanta, I NEEDED another one. Leading us, in the swoobie weather, THROUGH TIMES SQUARE, I MIGHT ADD, to find this piece of peach pie, the worst thing I have ever taken one bite of in my whole life:NY, NY June 12, 2015 600

I cried for two hours and then made my way to C&W to see my coworkers and this gorge view:NY, NY June 12, 2015 607Got some after work bevs then Mash & I enjoyed a reaaalllly good dinner at Libertador.


p.s. today was SO hot and miserable:

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