Oscars 2015.

Went to my coworkers Oscar party. It was amazing!
Here was the menu:
– Big Hero 6″ inch subs
– Birdman wings
– Boyhood queso
– The Grand Budapest Hotel’s pastries
– Theory of EVERYTHING ice cream bar with Whiplash cream (whipped cream), American Sniper sand (my idea!), Imitation hot fudge and cookies and Selma’s MLK (marshmallows, licorice and kitkats).

They literally made the desserts from The Grand Budapest Hotel – I didn’t try one, but heard they were amaze:
The Oscars. Feb 22, 2015 600 I brought/thought of/made the sand:The Oscars. Feb 22, 2015 601 YUM & congrats for winning everything:The Oscars. Feb 22, 2015 603 BEST MOVIE:The Oscars. Feb 22, 2015 604It was so much fun! We watched, we judged, I cried (seriously, Lady Gaga did such  good job) and we laughed:
The Oscars. Feb 22, 2015 605



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