Pizzas and embroidery.

First off, the garlic and herb pizza dough from Trader Joe’s is DIVINE. I topped it with a little leftover alfredo sauce from Olive Garden and topped it with sliced in half mozzarella balls, mushrooms, purple onions, olives and peporcinis for color. Ps i’m not very good at rolling dough, if you can’t tell by the ear shaped pizza I made:Pizza and crafts. Oct. 3, 2015 61 Cute pizza date:Pizza and crafts. Oct. 3, 2015 46 DROOLINGPizza and crafts. Oct. 3, 2015 62

After dinner, mom and I watched Mermaids and I made this for Jordan’s baby shower:

Pizza and crafts. Oct. 3, 2015 65

I knew that once I tried to do stuff like this – it wouldn’t be too hard. This took me the whole movie though – so I’m still working at it. Before I left to go home for the night, I spotted my dad reading his scriptures out loud in Spanish. Glad to have such a hardworking dad.Pizza and crafts. Oct. 3, 2015 66



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