Breakie = toast + avocado + beet + salad:Happy President's Day! Feb. 16, 2015 504
Lazed around so hard today. Forced myself to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I took a quick jaunt around the neighborhood and listened to the first Serial podcast. Now I am afraid and trying to think of if I could remember things from six weeks ago. YOU NEVER KNOW.
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! Feb. 15, 2015 495
My mom got to meet Molly Ringwald last night. How cute is she? When I look at this picture, my heart gets warms and the love and admiration I have for this lady (my mom, not molly) overwhelms me. HOW I LOVE YOU SO, MUM:
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! Feb. 15, 2015 499

Cheers to a three day weekend,

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