They here!

Today us east coasters (two current, one former) slept in and then headed to the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City to get some brunch at Ruth’s Diner:IMG_4849

IMG_4851After eating a famous mile-high biscuit, we popped into This the Place state park and learned about Utah pioneer history (literally crying laughing right now that I took my friends from NY to This is the Place). THEY LOVED* IT (*not confirmed):IMG_4858


IMG_4864We learned about pioneers and Indians and how to make leather:IMG_4871


IMG_4869 Then we popped into a saddlery to design our own leather and when I walked out and read the description plate I realized it was my great, great grandfather: Benjamin Franklin Johnson‘s saddlery! WHO KNEW?IMG_4879
Don’t you see the resemblance (I do, mainly in the facial hair though…)?
It twas a great time – before we could go on a train ride around the whole park, it was about to pour rain. So, we decided to pop into a movie and skip the storm. We saw Pitch Perfect 2 (hilar) and then grabbed some din at The Dodo (tollhouse pie, anyone?)

Love being able to spend time with these friends of mine. <3

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