Whole30 is still going strong, believe it or not. I’m kind of OVER cooking though and the temptation to just pick up a quick bite it taking some will power. I’m feeling really good though. If anything, I’m just proud of myself for making it this far – haha 🙂 This morning I had a delish breakfast – it’s becoming a regular for me – spicy italian chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s (real spicy!), eggs with some salsa verde and brussel sprouts (gotta get in those veggies) then I usually eat half a banana with almond butter when I get to work:Jan 14, 2016 753 I LOVE BREAKFAST AND EATING WEIRD VEGETABLES BEFORE 9 AM:Jan 14, 2016 757Tonight I went to see my coworker speak – she talked a lot about having the intention to be happy which I LOVED. Right now, I am in such an interesting place. I’m learning a lot, working hard, but also feeling like I don’t have anything in control – who knows where I’m going to be next year, let alone five years down the line! I loved all the things she said about choosing happiness, showing gratitude, loving yourself and being present in your own life. I think giving up sugar has made me reals introspective and emotional. Who knows. But I sure enjoyed my dusk drive down to Sandy:
Jan 14, 2016 768

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