day three.

Starting to feel back to my normal after a weekend of Oktoberfest, brats and snickety snacks.Having yesterday and today off has made it an enjoyable and relaxed start to my September Whole30.

Today I think I did a good job of striving to achieve my complete plate goal. The last round I did, I tended to eat too much fruit and not enough veg.

Breakfast – RIGHT? Sausage patties (page 162 The Whole30), scrambled eggs made with ghee + green onions, homemade pico de gallo (with tomatoes my great aunt carol gave me!), cauli rice cooked in coconut oil + cilantro, half an avocado and half a peach with a la croix.
img_5348 Lunch – Shredded chicken breast over romaine with tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, carrots, purple onions and Whole30 ranch.
img_5357 Din – or the closet thing to a Cafe Rio salad I’ve had in a long time – pulled pork carnitas (page 254 The Whole30) over romaine with half an avocado, my leftover cauli rice and a crap ton of pico de gallo.
Today I went to barre, donated a bunch of stuff to D.I., hung out at my parents house, googled if iced green tea from starbucks was compliant, read 60 pages of a self-help book, watched Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix (I LOVED IT) and planned for a friend’s dinner happening tomorrow. img_5367

Sending lots of love to my greatest fan tonight.

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