fri-sun oct. 2016.

Car selfie to start off the weekend:img_6174 Taco soup inspired bomb + work twitter party happening in my kitchen — not pictured, me and J playing GTA: Vice City until midnight, just like old times:img_6175 After barre + memory grove stroll + Publik brunch snuggle-sesh with my favorite pony:img_6196 Basting a chicken on a Saturday night:img_6200 With a blueberry smoothie:img_6202 JK:img_6201 NAILED IT:
img_6214 Roasted chicken, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red potatoes and asparagus for din:img_6217 Two thumbs-up:img_6224 #goutes:
img_6227 Sunday brunch scenery:img_6233

i love you.

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