Pink and orange and violet and something and greeeeen.

Saw this noodle in the SHS rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It twas simply delightful and I probably could’ve watched it again right after, had it been on again.Noodles' debut. May 13, 2016 3734
She did so good — was fun when she spotted us in the audience and gave her best smile. Love this little kidney bean so much I literally (I AM NOT EXAGGERATING) cry every time I see her because it’s all too much to love someone as much as I love her.
Noodles' debut. May 13, 2016 8940

“Running” a 5K with dad & meli tomorrow…I may never post again (because I will have perished during said “run”), if so, it’s been a pleasure.


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