I can’t go to Meli’s house without turning selfie-obsessed. Feeling like a new person today after a nasty inflammation sickness:img_8597 When you ask your little bean sprout what she wants for her birthday next week:
img_8604 She’s wanted a turtle for the last 40 years (she’s turning 13). Had the day off to organize and clean my house….hahahahimg_8615 A little special delivery…img_8628 SCREAMING. I no longer have to haul my laundry to my parent’s house like a college student. Wahoo!img_8633 It’s Christmas card season, people.
img_8644 Loon (her latest nickname) was not very excited:
img_8725 NAILED:
img_8650 IT:img_8744

Cheers to the weekend,


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