baby girl

Praise goddess for this man and his craft skills! Not to mention the time he gave up to help me make a photo backdrop for sissy’s baby shower. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great people in my life (don’t mind my jean short camel toe):

Balloon backdrops by Brooke and Brian – find us on etsy. I mean C’MON:

Had so much fun showering sissylongstockings today. I figured from all the time she has given to me and helping me work through my problems and navigate life, that she didn’t have time for anyone else — but I found out tonight that she is that same person for so many people. How lucky this world is to have her — especially me.

So excited for baby girl to get here and for the last few weeks of witnessing my sis prepare to become a mother (even though she’s felt like a second mom to me my whole life, ((or is it third after Cari?)).

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