Off to Rome we go!

Woah this place is AMAZING! The architecture and the busy city life is a cool combo. After we arrived to our hotel we got right to business: got pizza. Then we rested up (but not too long!!!) and headed to The Vatican. It was INCREDIBLE.  

The place is HUGE and I could spend 100 posts sharing all the pics I took. But I’ll save you the boredom and encourage you to make a trip to see it yourself! By the afternoon, we were feeling preeeeeetty tired — so we broke the cardinal jetlag rule and took a snooze. Then we mustered the energy to get back out and about:

Piazzas are the city squares in Italy. They’re usually adorned with a gorgeous fountain. We walked through a few!…you might recognize this fountain I threw a few coins in, with a hope that I come back one day! I took a video of it for my one second a day video and accidentally recorded before we threw it in and then turned it off right at the moment…DOH. Oh well. It’s more about the memories I have. I love this picture of me that Brent took:

In this moment, I felt SO much gratitude for where I am (physically) but also just generally in my life right now. I am a lucky girl and I can’t wait to keep exploring this beautiful country with my love and family.

Also, we may or may not have ended the night with some wine!

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