Day five: looking for George Clooney’s house.

But first, dealing with this:TRAVEL NOTE: do not leave your sun hat casually in the backseat of your rental car whilst in Milan or it will probs result in a broken window. SO GLAD that nothing else was in there (and that they left my sun hat!) After taking a long detour to get a new car, we made it to Lake Como:

Where we cried cause it’s so amazing. And ate at the most beautiful restaurant.

If I had to have a meal every day for the rest of my life, it’d be the pasta I got here. And the bread basket.

I wish we had more time to spend here. It’s incredible! But, we wanted to check off another country, so we left this beautiful lake and headed for another one….in Switzerland.

Brent and I ended the night with a bike ride through Milan to the beautiful Duomo. I really wanted to see it lit up at night — it did not disappoint.

These smiles are legit, but also can you sense that we almost killed each other? Biking in a foreign country is stressful, y’all!

Also, my niece posted this on social cause they’re in Venice HAHAH. Excited to meet up with all my family soon!

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