I love coming home. Cause there is a person and a puppy there waiting for me (usually). It’s an amazing feeling to have. One that I’ve never experienced before and one that I am getting more and more used to. I love nothing more than opening the door to a barking pup who is SO EXCITED to be in my presence again. I wish I could love so unconditionally! Having Molly has been one of the greatest joys I’ve encountered. She’s the cutest pup who, after barking and sometimes hyperventilating, wants to kiss your nose and then lay right next to you.

The other night when I was home and waiting for Brent, he had me call her from my front door. She heard me all the way down the sidewalk you walk on to enter my house and came BOLTING around the corner to me. She can be fast when she wants to be.

Then there is Brent. We have our hard times (as does every couple) but we keep working together. He’s my favorite person — I could list 1,000 little things he does that I absolutely adore, but this is one of my all time faves — driving to work at the same time and glancing over to see this (often he’s waving Molly’s paw to me)

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