About Brooke

I am pretty sarcastic and I don't like people who eat their food weird.

when you treat yo’self too much.

Me as I ate ANOTHER cookie that our cute comm intern brought for my birthday:

At least I’m eating good, right?

But really. It’s so interesting after not eating a lot of sugar and processed foods, how horribly it impacts me now. It affects my attention, my ability to focus and my energy levels — and makes it hard for me to get good rest…..with that said….that apple crisp from Provisions tonight though…..WORTH IT.


Had a great birthday — went on my fave walk, had lunch with my team, got kidnapped and played indoor frisbee with my little piece of peanut brittle, went bowling with my friends (they never let me win) and got loved on by my people all day long. Not pictured: the beautiful flowers my M&D sent me. I’m lucky! Here’s to another year around the sun.