About Brooke

I am pretty sarcastic and I don't like people who eat their food weird.

My life in pics as of late:

Molly starts shaking when she knows we’re heading to our coffee spot HER BW SWEATER IS SO CUTE AND SHE IS SUCH A REGAL POOF BALL This is gross. But also, I get it, ya know? Holding my captuo’s sammy gentler than any baby I’ve ever held. Noelle is a volleyball star. Loved horrifying her with cheers during her W match. What else is new? Wish I was a rich man.Woo woo woo. I did it!


new personal brand for babes — themed socks def are included: traveling for work for a few days — made the mistake of reading this TERRIFYING book at night before bed and nearly had a heart attack every time the air conditioner came on (really gooooood tho) Heading off to a wedding as a date to this handsome guy: We clean up pretty nice: This. book. though. Loved every page: Home and feeling like this, honestly. Had a good time and a bad time all at once. Time is a teller though and I think whatever happens, happens.