Kate’s Bachelorette:

In detail:

Kate is my bestie from High school and she got engaged to her sweetheart last year:

We had a fun girls night out.
I made shirts for the bridesmaids and a shirt for the bride:

They looked way cute on:

I made little gift bags that included:

Thanks to my job I got free ribbon and wrapping! Woo:

For the activities we went to dinner at Red Rock and played truth or dare (dirty version) Julia got dared to lay a kiss anywhere on a man with a mustache. HILARIOUS:

After dinner we headed back to my house where a Massage Therapist and a GLITTA TOE specialist were waiting! We got pampered:

It was a fun night. We all went crazy playing iPod star & stayed up till 5:30 in the morning.

I love my Katie and am so happy for her engagement!



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  1. Brooke, Kate is so lucky to have such an amazing friend! It looks like you put a lot of work into that part and it looks like it paid off! How freaking fun. You're so awesome.

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