Worked, went to the gym, marveled at the leaves (this really doesn’t do it justice):

Came home to an amazing dinner from my dude:

Then we went and saw the Comedy of Tenors at Pioneer Theatre Co and it was HILARIOUS and SO good.

I ended the day listening to my audiobook for book club tomorrow night but, I kept getting distracted thinking about how lucky I am.


got lunch with babez:
cleaned my house while I powerered through my audiobook for book club this week and recieved a facetime whilst vacuuming the rug in my closet:
Then this nap happened:

I laugh and smile so much more with you around. (yes, you, lyle the llama — JK)

saturday OR the day i fell in love

This dude & I babysat baby breath all day today. She loves him. And his beard: And the fact that he put together her crib as a surprise for her parents to find when they got home from a funeral: And his snuggles:
And his playtime:

He made 10 loaves of banana bread and made me fall sups in love.