fam camping trip.

Three best friends that anyone could have! PS we adopted this pupper FOR GOODs. AHHHHH

hers is an adventure pup…

I had the BEST weekend with babes’ family camping in Logan canyon. I want to go back!

moab bach party!

Getting ready for a romp-roaring time in Moab for s&v’s combined bach party! 

we were PRE-PARED.

They reserved a gorg spot in Moab! I’ve never been! It was pretty damn toasty, but insanely beautiful.

Chef babesalot.

Our menu for the weekend was all dutch oven and sooo good. We started out with campfire nachos!

Day 2 started off with a great start:

hahahaha. JUDY! Anyways, we rafted down ze river:

Not pictured cause we ate it too fast (jk we had a ton of leftovers, but not cause it wasn’t good) dutch oven lasagna with garlic rhodes rolls!! YUM. All in all, it was a great, hot weekend with the best friends out there: