PSA to all ladies.

Find yourself a love that will bike lunch to you when you can’t leave the office. 

My heart almost bursts everyday cause of this dude. Not that he doesn’t drive me crazy at times, but the good times highly outweigh the bad. So lucky to have him.

hanging with the locals.

Tried filipino food! Loved, loved, loved the mango drink I got at dinner. Kinda tart, but sweetened with a little condensed milk. YUM. Western culture has had a huge impact on the culture in Manila. There are American stores everywhere. We popped in to a cool 80’s inspired Arcade bar:

The people here are the nicest. Excited to be here and keep exploring!

happy thanksgiving!

it’s tgiving pt. 2: breckenridge, colorado edition!

Very excited and grateful to be celebrating with my cutie and his family on thanksgiving this year:

so grateful for many things. my health, family, love and the privilege I get to live an amazing and free life. happy thanksgiving!…now i’m going to go and lay in the fetal position.