Dear Dr. Dechet,

Normally I hate waking up before 11am. I am not a morning person, it’s just not in my DNA. Call my mom right now and she’ll pretend she’s been up and busy for hours, but it’s not true.

I have tried to trick myself into liking to wake up early, but so far it’s been a bust. The only day I can seem to manage to wake up and get going at the painful hour of 7am is on Friday’s. Friday mornings I volunteer in the outpatient surgery waiting room on the 3rd floor of the Huntsman Cancer Institute. You are never here on Fridays, but today you are. I know this because I saw your name on the hospital schedule this morning.

Ever since seeing your name I have been full of gratitude because today, right this moment, you are treating and healing someone. A few years ago, you treated and healed someone for me.

Thank you.

With ALL the love in my heart,