Last Friday Night


Did my volunteer duties:

Enjoyed some live music at the New City Skyline concert.

Went to the W Lounge with these beauties:

Met up with J at Gracies:

Went to Market Street with my fave dinner date:

Went to benefit Dane Hall @Metro: We got our spiritual readings — big surprise he couldn’t pick up anything from us.

I went to brunch with Stef at Ruth’s Diner. YUM.

What did you do?



Failure: When your best just isn’t good enough.

Got a fortune yesterday that said, “You’ll accomplish more if you start now”

After that I went home, logged off my math homework site and watched 4 episodes of Dexter. In a ROW.

Goals for this weekend:
1. Get motivation
2. Once found, do all the shit that you’ve let pile up

Atta girl!

Also, I would just like to say a big “HELLO,” to October. You are by far (beside March for my birthday, and December for Christmas/Hanukkah) my FAVORITE month. Can’t wait to love everyday that we get to spend together. woo hoo!



p.s. I’ve been laughing at this


I’ve been working with the Volunteer Rep at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for a few months trying to find a position in their Hospital that needs volunteer help. Ms. Blanca Raphael contacted me a few weeks ago and set up an appointment for me to come and learn about the Surgery Waiting Room volunteer position. YAY! After I get a TB test, and do some more training I will be working Friday’s 8-12.

I have been working on getting into nursing school this past year at school, which makes being in a medical environment so exciting! I LOVE IT. I hold a lot of respect for medical professionals. Especially those that work in Oncology. I can never express the feeling of gratitude I have for all the wonderful Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff that took care of my Dad when he was diagnosed and treated with cancer. I am very excited to get the opportunity to spend time at this Hospital.

Plus, A. I got a freaking polo AND way comfy sweater. B. I got a freaking cool lanyard, and C. I got a freaking cool ID tag that makes me feel all legit..

Can’t wait till the day that looks like this…

Hahahaha. Yes, I really did that.