Really digging the new HBO original VINYL. It has good tunes, an interesting story & appearances by Mr. Warhol…amongst a lot of other things.

Oh, hello, Edie Sedgwick impersonator. ANYWHO. Check out these cheese-ball jams I’ve been blasting all weekend:

Listen to me 1. Let me just take a hot minute to sum up the music video for this song. Selens is a little freaky nut job who should probs be arrested (spoiler alert: she gets arrested at the end of the video). There you go. Also, this comment HAHA:Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.51.03 PM

Listen to me 2: Just turn it up.



I want:

-A new episode of Glee to be playing…right now.
-My computer to stop thinking that’s okay to constantly play Christmas music on my shuffle.
-My iPod to also stop thinking that’s okay to constantly play Christmas music on my shuffle.
-To stop enjoying and catching myself singing along to the constant Christmas music that is playing on my computer and iPod.
-To move home.
-My heart to be left in San Francisco just like Tony Bennett.
-an adventure.
-to finish my classes this summer at SLCC and attend school in the fall at a University in Maine.
-to be a gypsy and travel the world.
-Dedication to finish reading Water for Elephants.

I want a love like this:
Listen to me 1
Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3
Listen to me 4
Listen to me 5


I hate this time of year. The dreary weather and soggy grass is making me lose my mind.

While I impatiently wait for Summer, I will just continue to get unflattering spray tans, listen to summer music, and watch summer movies.

My ultimate goal:

Here are the tunes that treat me right on those warm summer nights. Driving with the windows rolled down. CONTENT.

Summer drive tune 1
Summer drive tune 2
Summer drive tune 3
Summer drive tune 4
Summer drive tune 5


a-very-sick-of-this-winter-shit, B.