Happy 4th!

Ammmmerrrriiica!! Happy 4th! Tonight the other students in our study abroad program threw a 4th of July party at pub right by our house. They had it all decorated with American flags and red, white, and blue stars. It was very festive!

The girls were all dressed to the nines! Very good night indeed.




Today whilst out on my lunch break I broke down (yet again) and went souvenir shopping. Upon returning to work I confessed to Rima (one of my fellow colleagues) of my slight souvenir shopping addiction and may have slightly hinted that I needed to cut up my debit card before another “I love London” sweatshirt was purchased.

Anyways, tonight when I got home Kyle wanted to run to the big souvenir shop right off of Marble Arch and Oxford Street so of course I went with him. And who did I run into in this souvenir shop?


What a small, hilarious world.



p.s. here are a few tunes from the mix cd my flatmate David made me:
Listen to me 1
Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3