f word.

Officially moved out of Harvard Ave and am in my new room .. right .. this .. SECOND! Love it. The only thing this house is missing is Jackie and Magnus, who did die. Forreal this time. RIP.

You better believe we left a little memorial.

p.s. tomorrow my heart will be broken when my soul-mate and most favorite person ever, Victor, moves to Chicago for medical school.

Get the prozac ready.



Also, as a side note it was Magnus, my snail, who did die forreal this time. Not Jackie.

I won’t tell them your name..

The other day I was driving around and thinking while my radio played the newest FM hit, when Name from the Goo Goo Dolls came on. I often forget how much I love some of their songs. It fit perfect in with what I was feeling…I love how music can do that sometimes.

I think about you all the time but I don’t need the same.

Had a great last weekend in the Harvard house. I’m going to miss this place so much. Nostalgic photo post to come.

Oh, and I think Magnus might have died. BOTHA’D.



p.s. please note that I am proudly living up to my ‘hotmess’ name. SHAMBLES.Really? I know.