Window Display hot-number 2-literal mess

I have previously stated (my entire life) that I hate kids. I have never been good with them, they cry when they see me coming and or when I try to hold/smother them like a bean burrito. Anyways, my hatred for kids extends through all facets of my life. Home, play, and at work. I get so annoyed with kids ruining our table set-ups, or moving product around at Lotion Land. But, I think that kids have never annoyed, or conflicted with work quite like how they do at Aldo. Our store is small, so when parents with their children come searching for a good sole mate it can get claustrophobic REAL quick. Also, keep in mind that the people who are carting their kids around only seem to push them around in the the most obnoxious super-duper-deluxe-45 wheeler-baby stroller-get-up, that quite frankly if you ask me, is a real work of art. Take that stroller with the 2304982 wheels and gadgets hanging off around our sales rack shoe displays, WITHOUT knocking anything over AND/OR running over someone’s toes, and you can offically call yourself a good parent. All the sharp corners and whip lash from making quick stops to see if Mommy cand find that stripper-esk heel in her size, causes most all children in our store to cry. Adding insult to injury, we blast what some would call ‘one hit wonder’ (psh) 80’s songs that are infused with only the best Gay club trance techno beats of this era. That makes me want to cry, imagine being a baby. Awful.

To be honest, the only thing I hate more in this world than a bunch of crying kids are people who make fun of Oprah, because honestly? She’s amazing.

BACK TO THE POINT (wait, was there a point?) ….

GETTING TO THE POINT, today at Aldo I was happily checking my blackberry facebook app in the backroom err, working when I heard a commotion going on out front. Before I could set my phone down err, finish putting that shoe box away, I listened in the backroom as my fellow coworkers told me about what had happened out front.

Apparently, a cute little family was shopping for a pair a shoes for Dad, and a pair of Boots for Mom. Little 3 year old munchkin was left all lonesome and ignored in his stroller. When mentioned munchkin decided that he needed to use the bathroom, boot searching mommy told him to hold on. Well, muchkin couldn’t hold on.



Too much to handle.



2 thoughts on “Window Display hot-number 2-literal mess

  1. Paula Abdul? Hahahahaha! And the boy who pooed/peed in the window display? That's just plain gross!! Hilarious nonetheless!

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