I’ve got swag…..bags.

I drove up to The Grand Summit at the Canyons Resort on Tuesday night. I got to see snuggle my Mom, hang with the Mom it Forward team and get all settled in.  On Wednesday morning Piggy and I headed down to stuff swag bags. 

The bags were so cute this year! They were packed full of fun goodies. We blasted Coldplay and Lady Gaga as we stuffed, it was a good start.

Then my fam and I learned how to man the registration table. I did a little early check-in for myself. 

Freaking cute, right? I loved the name tags this year. After all the organizing, alphabetizing, stuffing and moving of bags/boxes I was sooo tired. Once back in our room, Piggy and I turned on some Showtime and laughed while we watched Weeds and the Big C.



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