Friday: Workshops, lunches, networking OH MY!

The opening keynote was awesome. I was excited to hear from the Harpo producers again. Looooved the behind the scene clips they showed of Oprah.

Melinda and I attended the afternoon photography workshop up at the Red Pine Lodge. The gondola ride up showed off Utah so well. I was happy for all of the out-of-towners that really got to see how pretty our mountains && scenery are here.

ANYWAYS, Me Ra Koh’s presentation was TO DIE FOR. She actually came and sat down next to me and my family at the Pepperidge Farm lunch…so we are pretty tight now. JUST SAYING.

The Bush’s Beans party at Park City Mountain Resort brought my whole family together. We laughed, danced, ate some good food, laughed some more.

Thoughts that come to mind when I see the picture below:
1. Wow! Who knew I was so good at flippin’ hamburgers?
2. On that note, who knew that I am actually a cafeteria chef?
3. Jyl’s new evo ’11 hairstyle is going to catch on — I just know it.
4. Why the hell does Melinda always look so damn pretty in EVERY picture?
5. hahahahahahhahahahahaha.Honestly? How can you not laugh when you see this? #laughtears

Here are some other fun pictures from the Bush’s Beans party:



I give credit to the pictures in this post to: Justin Hackworth and Trevor Christensen.

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