Okay, so I was Facebook stalking this girl that I took photo with in High School. She’s amazing and has made quite a career out her photography. Anyways, in the summer she posted these band pictures that she took of these two sisters, Sophie and Tessa Barton.
The girls were SO pretty. I was obsessed with the album for a while. A few months later I was looking through the album again and was sad to read that one of the sisters had passed away. There was a link to the girls band Facebook page so obviously I stalked it.

OHHHH. M. G. I fell in love with their music.

Fast forward a few months and New City Skyline, this badass local band that I went to school with back in C-town, started advertising for a December show they were playing in. I checked out the advertisement they posted and saw that Tessa Barton was playing at the same show.

Naturally I threw up like four times and then pulled myself together and bought some tickets.

The concert was amazing. I had so much fun and loved seeing Tessa perform live. Like kings of leon? Check this out.



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