Case of the Mondays.

One time (okay, like 2008?) I went to Old Navy with my sister. Whilst shopping I spotted a wallet that was black and simple, and 99 cents. I bought that wallet and used it until two weeks ago when I bought a nice new wallet at the mall. Sadly today, I left my new wallet on top of my car and drove off like a bat out of hell up 33rd to get to work on time.


This just shows/proves that old-falling-apart-wallets can/will get vengeance on you if/when they are thrown away for a newer/trendier wallet.

With that said… JIC a certain someone is stalking my blog…

Dear old wallet, if you are reading this I am sorry I threw you away like yesterday’s trash. You were starting to flake everywhere and it was creeping people out. We had many great times. Remember the countless trips to the gateway and fashion place we made looking for a satchel together? Well, today I found one, and guess what? I couldn’t buy it because all my cash and debit cards are GONE. I’m just going to go ahead and give you a minute to think about that, okay?



p.s. no one can cheer me up like this fellow..

2 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays.

  1. Ahhhh hahahahahaha. "almost had a free meal on my cafe rio card" you are TOO much Brooke!! Sorry about your walskies tho, that really bites!! Maybs you'll find it in a ditch somewhere. How long could it have lasted on the top of your car anywho??

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