I love bubble baths.

Remember that scene from Curly Sue when she’s in that huge bubble bath? Greatest bubble bath scene ever.

In other, completely unrelated news, today I started at Aldo and I’m not going to lie, it’s tough starting new somewhere. There are so many tricks and trades that you can truly only learn over time, and I hate that in-between period. A lot. I have got it DOWN at the bbw, I know the products, where they go, how much they are, what smells better, what tricks to use. I don’t know anything about shoes. In fact, it wasn’t even until recently that I actually invested in a few good pairs. Anyways, here’s to me hoping that my next shift will go a little more smoothly.

Also, I really want to go and see this: I want to find out what to do when there is just an inch of shampoo left! Hopefully I will squeeze in a viewing of this show sometime this weekend. I’m in need of a feel-good, predictable, rachel mcadams, diane keaton, movie night.



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