25 things about me – courtesy of my old Facebook timeline:

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1. I hate people who chew/eat their food weird. It creeps me out.

2.I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am taking pre-nursing classes at SLCC. BIG WHOOP.

3.My family is wayyy more gangsta and cultured than yours.

4.The only thing i’ve ever truly loved was my white smelly furball of a dog, Buddy. RIP.

5.I almost didn’t graduate high school because of Mrs. Barenz’s u.s government & citizen class.

6.Greek Souvlaki is THEE best resturant in the world, and i’d marry feta cheese if it were a person.

7.I enjoy stalking people via the net, and reading peoples funny blogs && websites.

8.I like taking pics sometimes and occasionally I enjoy writing(composing really)a nice sentimental-ambien induced short story and/or blog.

9. Oprah and Extreme Home Makeover get me everytime.

10. I could listen to Coldplay all day.

11. My top 5 fav movies are… (in no paticular order): Beetlejuice, Blow, The Santa Claus, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and it’s a toss up between Fight Club and The Grinch.

12. I won an iHome at the senior all night party for texting the fastest. Mmmmhmm.

13. I love making to-do lists, and i’m only truly happy during “spring cleaning” season.

14. I’ve traveled all over Europe, Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

15. I am going to learn French from my illegally downloaded verison of Rosetta Stone.

16. I was born in Quito Ecuador, and had dual-citizenship there till I turned 18. Bfd.

17. Pigeon is ze best momma anyone could ask for & I wish she were here right now so I could bombard her personal space && beat her up ‘n stuff.

18. I once blew a speaker out in my dad’s car because I was listening to “jammin'” from bob marley a litttttle too loudly. WHOOPS.

19. Nothing is better than a picked orange from the tree and laying out in the hot az sun at my grandpa’s house.

20. My biggest fear is Shamu’s tank at Sea World. SCREW THAT.

21. One word of advice: Don’t over-tweeze. Seriously, things are just getting back to normal.

22. Even though we are all different and don’t always see eye-to-stye(I mean eye), I lovvve and adore my family so much it hurts.

23. I have a feeling that one day i’ll win the lottery or something trashy like that.

24. I’ve held a koala before.

25. I’m 18 & still learning..but I overall feel happy and blessed about my life thus far.

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