Did halloween feel like halloween to you? I don’t know. Usually Halloween is my favorite holiday to start off the holiday season – and this year way more than last I just wasn’t that into it. Normally, I celebrate a Halloweekend and go crazy dressing up every night.

Am I getting old? Am I over it? I don’t know…but apparently I’m not old enough to not get scared shitless from Paranormal Activity 3. I can proudly say that for the first time since Saturday I slept without my TV/lamp on.


Ya know, maybe it was the holiday phase one floor set I did at BBW on Sunday night. I had the great job of window displays and staple-gunning the adorable disco/holiday balls to the ceiling. I’m just glad that unlike the Southtowne store that had to hang 121 balls we only had 15! YAY for being a low ranking store.

I love this time of year. What is your fave part of the holidays?

I can’t wait to put a Christmas tree in my new apt. YAY.



P.s. I am barfing right now. Yes, this is Justin Bieber singing my favorite Christmas song with Mariah Carey.

2 thoughts on “Novemb.

  1. Can I just say that this is possibly one of my favorite blog posts you’ve written. It just cracks me up. “yay for being a low ranking store” hahahaha

  2. where do you guys get your decorations from would love to have these for house decorations . plz get back to me if you can.

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