Assss we grow up….we rememberrrrr.

Here I am sitting in my bed – wearing my woobie Ned’s Krazy sub sweater (that is like, 8 hundreds years old), with my earphones and shuffle on. It’s getting a little too hot to be wearing my sweater but, if I take it off then I have to take off my earphones and, I mean, I’m lazy. Anyways, I am sitting here under my Viewmont High School blanket that I got as part of my High School graduation present..(duh, why don’t I just take that off?) Hello. and I have just been thinking/pondering/realizing a few things that are on my mind right now – like for instance, why is Alcide from True Blood so DAMN hot? Doesn’t everyone want to text/email/call/fbchat Debbie and tell her that she is a dumb whore? I DO. Another thing on my mind is – why IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING HOLY do I have Graduation from Vitamin C on my iTunes? and especially WHY THE SHIT AM I SINGING ALONG? Also, I just realized that I have a crush on my literature professor. I’ve been laughing uncontrollably at people in my class lately, mainly at the kid that wears this HUGE/GOTTI/RIDICOULS/STILLNOTHIDINGTHEFACTYOUAREGAY gold CTR ring – and this old lady that wears those fake hair srunchies – well tonight while I was biting the utter shit out of my cheeks and trying desperately to hold back my laugh tears, I realized in class that I think I have been laughing BECAUSE I AM ACTING LIKE A FREAKING CHILD WITH A CRUSH ON THEIR YOUNG/ADOLESCENT/PREPUBESCENT LOOKING PROFESSOR. I’m in trouble. Yep. Also, I have been pondering my new years resolutions for 2012 and I think that (along with making a mental/emotional/physical decision to not have silly/educationimpairing crushes on my future professors), one resolution will be to not violently verbalize my road rage anymore. But until then: get the hell out of my way, you betch.

I’m going to sleep on all of this and I’ll check back with you tomorrow.



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