Lil’ Hotmess.

“Today- back in Utah, near where I (sometimes) went to high school I was picking up some rolls for my mother and ran into an old teacher that I had. She was all smiles and fake as she always was…asked me how I was and I told her all the great things I am doing, learning, and feeling…and then I walked away and remembered that she was the one that told me if I didn’t find success in high school than I wouldn’t find success in life. Since dropping out of high school and getting my GED I have:

applied to and been admitted to the University of Utah
completed a year of study there with decent grades
moved to New York to pursue modeling and other things
traveled to London and Paris while working a bit
and will continue to study at the U of U online whilst living in NY/modeling/traveling
and am applying once again to NYU to complete my study there
beyond that I have found great peace within myself
learned that I am infinite and can achieve whatever I so wish
grounded into authenticity and freedom
created and engaged in healthy relationships
and everyday continue to welcome new information and ideas

Never let anyone tell you who you are, what you will be or do, or what you are capable of, not even yourself or your ego mind.

I am so very grateful to be where I am today.”

I love my little hotmess brother, and am oh so proud of all the things he is doing and thinking.



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