Not Lying: It pays off.

Today I woke up at the crack of noon and reaaaaally didn’t want to work on/finish my presentation for my Mass Comm that was I scheduled to give at 4:00pm. I wrote a “Sorry, I can’t make it to class – I am mysteriously sick,” e-mail to my teacher.

Of course guilt took over and I drafted the e-mail and spent the next three and a half hours preparing for my presentation. When I got to school, I ran into a classmate walking in and I was informed that there was a power outage and that the South City campus was closed for the rest of the day.

SEE? I didn’t even have to lie to get out doing my presentation. Now I have ample time to get even more prepared for the scary 7-10 minutes alone in front of the class on Monday.

I love my life.


Also, I was rewarded with a prime parking spot and beautiful cotton candy skies:

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