How to: Wayne’s World Costume

Hi evvveryone! Here is another installment to J and I’s halloween costumes from years past. This one was just last halloween! We decided to be Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World because I have dark hair (like Wayne) and J has blonde hair (like Garth).

Anyway, here are some tips/links to help you party on for Halloween 2012:

Dark hair, preferably shoulder length/mullet-y. You can get wigs here (or at any local halloween shop).
Black shirt
Light jeans with holes cut in them (I found an old pair of whitewashed jeans from a thrift store)
Black converse shoes or any black shoes you have
Wayne’s World hat

Blonde, shoulder length, poofy hair
Stone/white washed jeans with holes
Black rimmed glasses (FYI: If you have a pair of 3D movie glasses – just pop the lenses out and those will work)
Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith t-shirt
Blue plaid shirt (over t-shirt, or tied around waist)
Black converse

Watch both movies a few times before Halloween and you’ll be ready!

Party on,


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