Never took a punch in the ribcage sonny?

Today I went home and took a nap instead of attending my strategic writing class – these early mornings are really getting to me (I am such a wuss puss). Anyways, since I was overly sleepy from staying up late blogging studying, I was more annoyed than usual. The radio was especially bothersome – all the shit music and adverts they play, forced me to drive in silence for most of my commuting. But tonight, when I got in my car to head to J’s house to watch the latest episode of Dexter, I opened a CD case I thought had Mylo Xyloto in it – but instead had the mix CD my flatmate David made me while we were living in London together. He made me the CD a few weeks before we left, and I listened to it constantly…riding the tube to work, eating lunch on Holborn, walking through Russell Square to school, and even while drifting asleep at night.

Before I left on my grand adventure to Londontown, everyone would tell me that moving there was going to be life changing and that I was going to have the most amazing time – and it wasn’t until I got home, and the dust settled and life went on as normal, that I realized that I miss the rain, and carrying groceries home from Waitrose, and wandering the streets of little Arabia.

Listen to me 1.
Listen to me 2.
Listen to me 3.
Listen to me 4.
Listen to me 5.


My childlike sense of wonder

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