September recap

In September I….

Babysat my sissy’s new pup

..went to AZ with Meli and…

Almost died laughing

Visited the JR High that was named after my gramps

Ate a million cheese crisps

Watched the Utes get cream-puffed by ASU
(on the inside I was crying)

Flew home on Alligent Air on the first commercial flight in/out of Ogden airport with the cutest flight attendant (my aunt judith)

Since back in Utah I…
Gave a piggyback ride to this little chipmunk

Volunteered at the Cancer Awareness Expo

Watched Simon during his freshman year homecoming marching band routine

Partied with twsift for her graduation from Westminster

Went bowling at school instead of studying for my Advert test

Laughed at this bird for wearing stilettos in the student section for the whole 4 hour football game



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