Shake it out.

Totally into Flo + the Machine, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon right now. (what else is new?)
Listen to me 1.
Listen to me 2.
Listen to me 3.

Totally into having a fresh balsam and vanilla snowflake candle constantly burning in my house. (smells SOOOO good.)

Totally into hanging out with my family. Today we celebrated my baby nephew Elliot’s 4th birthday! (not such a baby anymore, huh?)

Totally into black friday/cyber monday shopping. (I think all the hours spent perusing Amazon may or may not have ruined my 20/15 vision.)

Totally into losing and not being able to find my apple tv remote. (honestly, where the hell did it go?)

Anyways, back to school tomorrow for one week and then it is finals! (I am currently throwing up.)



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