I am overwhelmed. Being home is so exciting, needed, and somewhat disappointing. I feel a bit like I am in limbo – not really fitting into either place perfectly. I am going through some serious growing pains that cause me to constantly have to put everything in perspective. I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for all the opportunities that seem to be pouring my way – but it’s scary being in this spot.

Luckily there is a cure for this, NAVAJO TACOS AND SUNDAY DINNER:

Happy Birthday, Elliot! November 24, 2013599 (things that look disgusting are always good…always)Happy Birthday, Elliot! November 24, 2013603Happy 5th birthday to my fay-bit little piece of peanut brittle:
Happy Birthday, Elliot! November 24, 2013628 Happy Birthday, Elliot! November 24, 2013618

(I am dying, aren’t you?)



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