Happy Monday of Mother’s week, Mom! I hope that you had just a great day at the office hanging with Dad and perusing the internet at your desk.

Today I had to write 25 words about you for an article that is coming out next week in SLC: Here were some of the things I came up with:

-My Mom had me when she was 40 years old, I was her 6th baby. To my Mom: “I’m sorry I surprise attacked you when I decided I wanted to be born into your family, but I couldn’t resist because you are SO AMAZING.”

-Popping out a 6th child at age 40 probably wasn’t what my Mom had planned for herself. BUT, I honestly couldn’t resist sneaking into such an amazing family.

-Thanks Mom for always listening to me whine about my #whitegirlproblems and for being the best cook and back scratcher in the Great U.S.

-Mom, damn you’re cool.

-Why I love my Mom? Because she’s amazing, makes food like it’s going out of style, laughs at all my jokes (way hard), scratches my back like a pro, and is the best friend I have ever had.

-Mom, remember when you were 40 and you gave birth to me? Thanks a lot. I love you.

Just some ideas I was playing around with.



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