Attempt at photo assignment # 4

For my next photo assignment we were given a select number of poems and asked to photograph what one/all meant to you.

Seeing as this assignment isn’t due for another week (go me on being proactive!) I thought I’d try out as many ideas as I came up with.


Inspired by this poem..

Last Month
A pregnant thunder cloud
Broke water
High above Brazil,
Pouring sheets of wet glass
Over desiccated orange trees.

At breakfast this morning
You drank the juice of those trees,
And rivulets of Brazilian rainwater
Began flowing
Through your veins.

Who says
The environment
Is faceless?

Listen closely
To the quiet rhythms
Of your heart;
Each beat contains the echo
Of a distant thunder clap.


I wanted to show this concept of eating the Brazilian rain with a carrot. Here are my contact sheets seeing as there isn’t a final yet.

What do you think? How would you shoot this poem and the ideas it conjures?



p.s. check out how ghetto I am..

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