Christmas Adventure

What an interesting Christmas it has been..sadly just like that it’s over..the Carpenters are no longer in my iTunes playlist and all the “Feliz Navidad” signs are packed away waiting for next year. SADDEST.

Anywho, over here in Guatemala My Mama, Dad, and Aunt Judith awoke at the painful hour of 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning and started on an adventure, along with the Kings (Bonnie and Preston) we caravanned our way with the Bawdens.

Drive to Coban

We hit a little traffic..

We made our way to a town called Coban, where we parked our Chrysler mini-van and checked out the markets. There were beautiful flowers, chickens, and all sorts of weird veggies for sale on the street. I bought some marackas (Stef get ready for the plane ride home) and quite enjoyed stretching my legs.

The next strech of driving was awful. Tumolos (aka huge bumps) were everywhere. Which meant frequent slamming of the brakes, going over a huge bump, then flooring the gas pedal. Repeat 356 times. PUKE. Luckily before the first tear of pure anger could fall from my eyeball we arrived at this beautiful lake that we had to take a ferry to cross.
It was nice to get out of the hell-wagon and enjoy the lake for a bit.

After making it across we ventured the rest of the way to Flores. The hotel was kinda creepy, but the view from the back deck was GORGEOUS. We went to dinner and then me and Judy fell asleep, I kid you not at 8:25 p.m.
The next morning we woke up and made our way to Tikal. The setting was beautiful..very rain forest cafe-ish. We started our tour and learned about the Mayan Civilization and culture. Me and Judy climbed on top of one of the pyramids…it was really cool. We spent around 5 hours there just wandering around.

On our way back to our hotel in Flores we stopped and got some Christmas Eve dinner at Pizza Hut 🙂 My family and the Kings read silent night out on the patio. It was really peaceful–especially because across the lake was a huge lit Star of David! wooot.
On Christmas morning we drove from Flores to Rio Dulce. The hotel there was A LOT nicer. We all got some breakfast and then I took a nice long Christmas nap. Ahhhh. When I woke up me, Judy and my mom got some lunch while my dad and the others traveled to Polochic. We relaxed, watched a movie and waited for my Dad to get back.

After dinner me and Judy used the hotel computers to connect for a few minutes and then we, now including my mother went and hung out at the hotel bar and got a christmas drink. My drink tasted like ocean water with lime..I loved it. It was a margarita minus the tequila + soda water. Hmm. It was an interesting Christmas..but I am glad that I got to spend it with my parents and Judy.

The next morning we got to sleep in (till 8!) and around 8:45 we all boarded a boat and made our way to this little town on the Caribbean coast called Livingstone. The ride there was beautiful, filled with lillypads, birds, tree covered mountains and fishermen in hand-made boats. Livingstone was humid, but rad. You could definetly sense the Caribbean vibe with all the bob marley merchandise. I got some goods including a Conch shell and dream catcher! When we started heading back towards the boat it started raining! The ride back to the hotel via boat was rough && scary! EK.

After arriving back to the hotel we checked out and started our way back home–and 5 hours later I was safe, sound, and on facebook.

I hope everyone had a good holiday,

Till next time


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